At ST Suspensions, we believe our coilover suspensions are the global benchmark in terms of innovation and quality. However, even the best is never always perfect. A suspension system is a highly technical product and although we’re proud of our under 1% global warranty claim rate, there is always a small margin for error.

When experiencing such a technical situation, you have the assurance of ST’s ‘2-Year, Unlimited Mileage, One-For-One Exchange’ warranty program, which provides these benefits:
·       Longer Assurance – most brands give between 6 months to 1 year warranty, but ST provides a 2-Year warranty because we know our quality.
·       Minimized Vehicle Down Time – most brands will try to repair your faulty suspensions and that would likely mean 2-days down time for your vehicle. With ST’s one-for-one exchange warranty, we don’t need to repair your suspensions, because you’ll get brand new replacement parts. Just do a direct exchange when the replacement part arrives and you’ll soon be driving with maximum satisfaction again.
·       No Limit – because we know our suspensions are built to last under normal driving conditions, we don’t put a cap on the mileage during the 2 years warranty period.
Warranty Claim Information & Process
·       ST Warranty Card needs to be filled out and provided to the ST authorized dealer in your country.  
·       The ST Warranty Card contains all information needed for technical support at ST.  
·       The ST Warranty Card is written in English and German language.
·       It is included in the documentation of each specific kit inside the delivered product packaging.  
·       Remember: The more detailed information we receive from your side, the quicker we are able to react and provide a solution.
·       Along with the ST Warranty Card please ensure that your dealer sends digital photos of the specific product and situation in question.
·       If you or your customer doesn’t have the ST Warranty Card originally supplied inside the box anymore, please inform us at info@autovox.net and we will find a solution for you.
*Important – kindly note that any Reseller who may be providing a different or lesser warranty terms and conditions may be selling a parallel import set. Such unauthorized sets will not be entitled to the ST 2-Year, Unlimited Mileage, One-For-One Exchange’ warranty program

Ken Block is one of the many people who rely on our ST Quality Assurance.