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Performmaster is Germany’s foremost engine tuner for Mercedes-AMG cars.
Performmaster uniquely uses the vehicle’s CAN-bus technology for maximum performance without compromising safety and your vehicle’s warranty.

Power enhancement and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes AMG

Expect the best with the AMG tuning by performmaster

Find out how Performmaster can maximize your engine’s performance

Select your Mercedes-AMG model here:

Tuning A45 AMG

AMG tuning for best performance of his class and an impressing acceleration!

Tuning CLA45 AMG

We take care of a great AMG driving pleasure. Performance data that outclass everything else.

Tuning GLA45 AMG

An overwhelming acceleration and pure adrenaline with each gas pedal contact.

Tuning C63 AMG

Finally! A power enhancement that does everything just right. A must have for every AMG driver.


The extra power for genuine AMG enthusiasts and a performance at the top of its range.

Tuning E63 AMG

No compromise. What matters is pure engine performance of your Mercedes-AMG on the left lane.

Tuning CLS63 AMG

A special driving experience that gets under your skin – in every speed range!

Tuning Mercedes S63 AMG

Best AMG performance, unique handling and a pervasive driving pleasure.

Tuning SL63 AMG

More than a performance improvement! That is the next step in chiptuning evolution for the Mercedes-AMG.

Tuning ML63 AMG

A special driving experience from the first second, coupled with an incomparable dynamism!

Tuning G63 AMG

We bring dynamism to the road and proof the best engine optimization for your Mercedes-AMG.

Tuning GL63 AMG

An AMG powerhouse through and through with a seemingly endless torque. Attention: goosebumps!

Tuning GLE63 AMG

With the AMG tuning the Mercedes SUV shows its dynamic site – an unforgettable driving experience.

Tuning GLS63 AMG

Step into the performance lead with a big boost forward. “Ahead” is still the best way to drive!