ABT Sportsline Wheels for Volkswagen and Audi Cars

Elegant and sporty – the new alloy wheel ABT FR

The “perfect synthesis of dynamic sportiness and luxurious elegance.”

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ABT ER-F Wheel
ABT ER-C Wheel
ABT DR Wheel
ABT CR Wheel


While these days you can always get a wide range of alloy wheels from car manufacturers, not all these wheels are really exciting. The 2014 wheels by ABT Sportsline, the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, however, are not to be missed. The cast CR, DR and ER-C and the exclusive, forged ER-F promise a number of special effects and are real highlights.

F stands for “forged“. The ABT ER-F’s (19, 20 inches) complex production process makes for a very high material density, which, in turn, makes for very slim and dynamically shaped spokes. In combination with the “black magic“ coat of paint the Bavarian wheel becomes a real action hero that wears the ABT-Motorsport logo with pride. The ABT ER-C – C stands for “cast“ – looks very similar. With the “silver bullet“ and “gun metal“ shades, however, ABT has seen to a special mix of colours. And it has not only the 19 and 20’’ variants available but also an 18’’ variant.

The ABT DR certainly deserves its “doctorate”. The bi-coloured look produced by the complex look and the spokes breaking out from the centre in a wide arc are of an excellent design. Customers can choose between “mystic black“ and “gun metal“ as prime colours and dimensions of 18 to 22’’. The XXL format makes the ABT DR also fit large SUVs like an Audi Q5.

The same applies to the ABT CR, available in 19 to 22’’. The space between the double-spokes lends this wheel a very assertive look. But the real highlight are the different colour concepts. The ABT CR is available in an elegant “silver light” or the extremely sporty “silver black“. In “black red“ with a red accentuation, the CR is also available at a lower entry-level price as part of the “Young Collection“ series.

With CR, DR, ER-C and ER-F, ABT Sportsline can once again field a high-quality range of wheels.