4 Ways To Customize Your BMW M3 & M4’s Road-Handling by KW Suspensions


The KW suspension solutions for the new M3/M4 has already become a top seller for KW Germany and we have a different solution for every suspension need:

  • KW Height-Adjustable Spring Kit

- The entry level KW product is for M4 customers who want to keep the BMW adaptive damping, but require an individual lowering for better road handling and better looks.

  • KW V3 Coilover System

- The V3 system is our KW all-time best-seller for everyday use. It’s comfortable, provides high performance and gives you the flexibility of fine-tuning until you get your perfect ride.

  • KW 3-Way CS Clubsport Coilover System

- Developed for your ‘man & machine’ mission, the Clubsport coilover system is made for track use (track-day car) for maximum performance and grip with semi-slick tyres.

- Achieve M4 GTS levels of track performance & lap times, achievable in combination with KW’s adjustable lower arm!


  • KW V4 Coilover System

- The KW V4 is developed with a 3-way adjustable damping technology (with Uniball top mounts at front axle)

- Get maximum performance for fast road use with standard tyres.

- It’s a merger of high performance driving dynamics combined with daily drive comfort.

Here are the facts about the new KW V4 coilover system from our product development team:

For cars until year of construction 12/2014
KW Coilovers Variant 4 „inox-line
Part No. 3A7200AN / Bundle-Kit: 3A7200AP
Lowering: 15 – 40 mm
UPC: 3A7200AN / 847691076873
UPC: 3A7200AP / 847691076880
Weight: 27,8 kg / 29,2 kg
 Available: June 2nd 2017
For cars from year of construction 01/2015
KW Coilovers Variant 4 „inox-line
Part No. 3A7200BB / Bundle-Kit: 3A7200BQ
Lowering: 15 – 40 mm
UPC: 3A7200BB / 847691076897
UPC: 3A7200BQ / 847691076903
Weight: 27,9 kg / 29,3 kg
Available: June 2nd 2017
Difference between V4 and Clubsport 3-way:
Spring rates:
FA 50-200 (V4) / 80-170 (3-way CS)
RA 120-200 (V4) / 160-200 (3-way CS)
Available for 0% Interest-Free Instalment up to 12-months.
For more information about how KW Coilovers suspensions can improve your driving pleasure, please contact us at:
Tel: 6475 5775
Email: info@autovox.net
Website: http://autovox.net/performance-tuning/kw-suspensions/